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3 commissioner is thrust into - the job 2 days ahead of sccedule. anthony batts is officially theetop cop in the city right now.... and joel d. smith is live at police headquarttrs with the reasons why he'' aready different his departmenn might
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look soon. goodd orning joel d. good morning uys.... it was a bit of a hocker... we told you here on he after the announcemeet camee out on twitter.... anthonyy patts was taking over immediitely as police commissio. &pthuusday ceremony to swear in batts, here is what the department tweeted out at 1:30 in the afternoon... the ooficial photo of anthony baats being sworn in. why? the department announced monday that acting police &pcommissioner anthony barksdale is takinn ediial leave &pindefiniteey, so taking the top spot a couple days eerly just makes sense. batts was tte mayor's pick for police commiisionnr, and even though he's signeedthe contract, he still has to be that hearing is set for next - month. we've spoken the new commissioner number of times, and he always says his foous is on being close to the coomunity... but as for changing tactics? (batts) "well, you just don't think the system's bboken. i don't think the no reasonnfor me to dismantle what he's doing."(batts) "we we ontinue with the
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innovation and eing bold and things.."bbtts has decades of experience in law enforcement.. heading up departments in oakland and long bbach. most recently he was the cce-o of a police consulting firm and served as a ressarcher for harvard university. he takes over a police depprtment that saw its lowest homicide numbers in decades. batts tells residents he plans to build on thattsuccess ..... live at police headquarters, joel d. smith, fox 45 morning news. baltimore county police continueetheirsearch for suspects ....after a man is shot and the towsontown arage. 3&it happened early sunday a huge crowd gathered in towson.eight others ere arrested for assault or disturbing the peace.some...tried to ggttinto a partyat tte recher theater....which hadalready sold out. it was hosted by a fraternity...whiichad rented the theater. (johnson) "we've had reeativell few problems in that area for quute sometime, and we're very confident that as a chamber oo commerce, as a
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&pcommunity, as public safety, this iicident or an incident like this will not repeat itself." no one has been arrested in connectionwith thh shooting. &pbut police are now reviewing security video at the mall's parking garage. an east ballimore community is another cass of police brutalit. &pbrutality. at least aa &phundreddpeople, including family anddfriends and several community activist groups rallied at the cooner of nooth montford and east biddle streets, yesterday. protesters are calling foo theeindictment of the officer wwo conffonted anthony anderson. witnesses, including annerson's mothhr, say anderson was in the his mother.. when the officer, offense... suddenly appeared, grabbed... then lifted the "he didn't even know they were behiid him.. they running pick him up from his knees and slam him back down on his head. i couldn't believeeit.. i'm going, oh my god, what iss
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child..."" intiallyy. police say anderssn dieddfrom choking on drugs. butta preliminary however, the medicaa examiner has not yet determined whether he died from a drug overdooe... or some othhr type of injurr. police are waiting on a ccmplete report to determine the exact caass of death. death. a neighborhood in carroll county is on edge thhs morning... after a weekend crime spree. spree.cara ayree, hampstead: 10.39 "everybody's pretty it."55 car break- onee happened in the northbrook neighborhood of hampstead saturday night. thieves caused about six &pbut didn't steal much of anything. major phil asten: 4.28 "there was malice that was aaparent these ccimes."shelley ordway: t 21.26 "i'm not really mad. i'm just moreeastonished at they'd just come right up to people's houses and their driveways and steal stuff." sttff..of tte 55 carr the thievesshit, about 50 of them were left unlockedd
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&ptorrey smith hassannounced funeral arrangements... for his ounger rother. brother.20 year-old tevin jooes died overrtheeweeeendd.. in a motorcycce acciddnt.his funeral will be held saturday at noon... in king george, virg. flowers... the family is assinn for donations to the tevin jones mmmmrial &pthe baltimooe ravens at one winning drive owings millss maryland 2-1-1-1-7. a soodier accidentally kills his friend and fellow soldier.. while trying to cure his hiccups. &phiccups.police say the two me were drinking and watchhngg football whee private isaac young got the hiccups.that's myers held a gun to young's k head.. o trr and scare him. myers apparennlyythouggt there were dummy rrunds in the gun... bbt when the gun went off a reel bullet hit young in the face.he died on the way to charged with manslaughter. one in our young people are now so overweight... they can't join the military.ttat's according to a new repoot from phe advocacy ggrup "mission:
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retired military leaders is &pspeaking out... calling it a national security issue.the group has been working to get rid of junk food in schools... which it says is part of the problem.each year... the defense department spends an eetimated one-billion-dollars on obesity-related mediial pare for active duty members, theii families and veterans. f you can't get by each ans. morning ithhut your cup of joe... you're not alone. alone.according to a new survey... most professionals feel more productive at wook... when theyydrink coffee. wwrkers who drink thh most... are food preparation and service workers.also on the list are scientiits, sales reps, markeeing professionals a late night drive and a few beersslanded a ppt squirrel in trouble with its owner,,and with the law. wwrren michael admits too drinking, saturday night... aan was driviig with his pet
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squirrel... hen he was pulled . over.according to police reports... he told the officer.. he hadda squireel out the animal... from under he wasn't eating him, he was just crrwling around in his &presting on myyshirtshe does seem very friendly.she is. is.the man was taken to jail... and his girrfriend... showed up and took theii pet home.the ssuirrells name is ádew-weeá.. and in case you're &pwondering... it's spelled... d-u-i.'s that time...gain. spelled... d-u-i.
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question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across the state... according to the department of legislative services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed. freshly prepared by real cooks [ man ] t-5...4... with our own secret recipes. 3... taste for yourself why fresh is better. 2...1... mission accomplished. try our new freshly hand-breaded original recipe bites today. they're back!many families are battllng ssink bugs, ellicott city, tte beeedict family says theyyve spent pests..xperts say the key is sealing all the windoos in your home...even putting mesh on your roof... so the bugs
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sentenced to 100 years in prison... for a crime he didn't commit mental and emotional ain i couldn't handle. handll.the thing that finally &plead oohis in our cover storr. ((bump out)) [ male announcer ] for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next.
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there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you. pnc bank. a baltimore county man is
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convicted of attempted murder- years in prison.crime and justtce reporter, joy lepola explainn in this morning's cover sttry...."wrongly connicted"... it turns out the man was innocent....ut it before anyone would believe it.- it. &p(((kg)) the year was 1198.... seemed to be a typical night. little did they know how the evening would end.4:11:077i go tt a park everyday and sit that'' like my decompressioo so to 3 speak.williaas life wouud there's a lot of psycological scarring so to speak that i haae to walk around with you know the way i think thaa pffected me you know hearing a ppoice car or seeing onn thinking they are for me that never goes away. i'm always thinkkng someone is following police as he left the neeghborhood. he had called it a night after drinking at a bar cross from ambers lounge. 3:56:02 i was doing theeright thing. an ex-con trying to get his life together now at the center of an attempted murder investigation. what started as an attempted robbery ended wwth two people
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shot... and both were saying it was williams who pulled the trigger. months later a convicted wwlliams. a judge sentenced him to 100 years in prisoo.3:55:32 and i was devasted. 100 years for a crime you did nnt commit? exactly. this issthe first time... williams has opened up pbout his case.3:53:51 i need because it'ssbeen tearing ) - me apart inside. williamss spent 12 years in prison 3357:09 becauue the mental and - handle.fade to black3:39:12 when i first talked with mr williamssi didn'' believe him to tell you the trutt.randolph blair is aa attorney.3:39::7
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why didn'' you think heewas innocent? because most criminnls declare their innocence and say butt bite3:39:38 the trial was unfairranddthey were robbed. butt bite3:39:44 youu hear that from praccically eveeyone nooone is guility. blair would have thouuht that same about williams case had it not been for one of hiss one day saii heehad information that could clearr know mr williams from adam.. 3 theetippled baltimoreecounty shootee. 3:42:48 yeah it was a fluue in williams minn... &pii was thh miracll he haad praying for the past 12 years. 3:59:03 when i walked in it was a femaleejudge and shh said something about new county poliie department and all of a sudden she topped &pand said mr williams we're no out of the court and she said you're free you can leave. ii waaked out of he court. williams has now hirrd blair to represent him in a civil
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lawwuit they plan to filee against the tate.3:31:25 he uu sighs unfortunately was given all this time and i thinn it's eryyunfair. 4:05:46 how is a person supposed to come out and function normally. at 61 years old williams is sttuugling. he prison. he was omeless for mooths. a v-a programmhas helped put aaroof over his head. as for finding a job, that hasn't hhppened. but, get to him.4:09:03 as long as i don't go back to that lifeetyle i think at least i can maintain to a functioing degree in ociety and ttying po be helpfuu to whoever iican along my way and that's what i've been doing since i've beennout. in baltimoree county joy lepola fox 455news at ten. william's attornee plans to file their lawsuit within two weeks.the state didn't want to comment on the case citing , pendingglitigatioo. the orioles try to get back n the winncolumn...ann make up
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somm rrom on the yankees.. yankees..highlights....nexttin sports. ((break 3)) let's say you want to get ahead in your career. how do you get from here... to here? at university of phoenix we're moving career planning forward so you can start figuring that out sooner. in fact, by thinking about where you want your education to lead, while you're still in school,
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you might find the best route leads somewhere you weren't even looking. let's get to work.
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bbuce cunningham has bruce bruce cunningham has fox 45 morning sports. sports.
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coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... the laaest presidential polls...find out which one has president obama... in the lead. plus, thh staae both candidates are headed. 33
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3 one credit card company is ordered tt pay 200 million dollars to its ccsttmers.what can expecc to receive. and... too fat to fight.the shocking number of americans who are too overweight to

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